Thursday 4th March 1943

My error, the fog did not entirely life and so it went on all night that terrible hooter. About 15 blasts each time in code at regular intervals. No wonder I had no sleep last night and no matter which way I lay the rolling ship would twist me back again, then back and soon, no, I had no sleep at all. In fact was awake smoking when the gunner on watch came in to call me.

Wednesday 30th December 1942

Well, I went to bed in a calm quiet sea but soon after, up it came. Tossing the ship about like so much cork. Once we were hit by a wave so hard that the whole ship quivered, upsetting all and sundry. Our two armchairs flung themselves at my bunk (bed) frightening me stiff. The boy jumped out of his bunk shouting "We've been bumped Chef, get up quick" and he really thought that we had been torpedoed. It was a nightmare of a night, and so the bad weather continues again. It is very trying to one's stamina, strong and weak alike." I am weak".

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