Monday 8th March 1943

Roll, roll, pitch and toss. These seas have been hellish today. As though they want to break our back. However, we have managed to cook. I do not know how we are in warmer weather though for we have turned due south avoiding subs.  One was near us last night and was chased by two destroyers.

We have not seen the Carrier today, too rough. Supposed to be in Avonmouth on March 18th.

Wednesday 24th February 1943

Slept better last night, not so hot, we are coming into the cold weather now. The change is very sudden. The deck was all wet with rain this morning and the sea noticeably rougher.

Chippy beat me twice last night but I beat him at battleships. Went to bed about 11 o'clock. My thumb is worse Stewart going to dress it tonight.

Saturday January 2nd 1943

Nothing, Corvette tried again, same amount of success, too heavy seas. She must be running low now. Still cold and rougher, we are going south now. Subs obviously gone, thank goodness. I HOPE. Goodnight all, haven't been to lav today, so no trouble with b---- except one occasional twinge.

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