Friday February 12th 1943

At last I am able to write again.  Ever since last week we have been in trouble TROUBLE, tons of it. Now it is after eleven at night, I am tired, so I'm not writing much. Just enough to say that we have at last left here for Beaumont, for loading, after several attempts at it.  But I will say more about it tomorrow. Perhaps I will not be so tired then. I must say though that I think we are going somewhere other than home because we have four extra guns and the engine room is all nearly covered with shrapnel protection.

Monday February 8th 1943

Well Mai, another day gone. One of the firemen brought a puppy on board last night and we fed it in the galley this morning. A nice thing but a bitch. It was a stray at the club. I saw it there but took no notice thinking it belonged to someone there.

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