Sunday 14th March 1943

I have not felt at all inclined to write, could not bring myself to do it, it is now 11am, we are at last back to British time. This afternoon we saw our first land, the hills of Northern Ireland, welcome. Be in Belfast Monday morning about 6.00am. Two days after the big do, we had 6 more escorts joining us, far too late, and today we saw our first British plane, a Sunderland.

Goodnight all, I am very tired, and bleary eyed.

Thursday February 18th 1943

Clocks on one hour tonight, so we lose that much sleep. I am absolutely browned off today. I can do nothing but think, no wonder I'll never get fat. The Cook and I very nearly had a row dinner time. It was only avoided because I remembered it takes two to quarrel. I shut up even though I was right.

We have only seen one plane today , otherwise  nothing except the blue sea, sky and the galley. But it is early yet, just turned six o clock.

Monday January 11th 1943

Well, I had my lay in this morning, even then I did not want to get up but had to, turn to.

Saw another plane today. I shall be about a week out in my guess as to when we shall get there. And it will mean dry dock for the ship is absolutely falling to pieces. Our fresh water tanks are leaking now into the sea. Soon we shall be reduced to our ration of fresh water.

My toe nails are hurting a lot, I do wish I had some scissors.

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