Tuesday January 12th 1943

I had to go to the lav as soon as I got up this morning. Same as I always used to and ever since I have had my pain return. I am lying in bed now at 2.30 and have just woke up from a dream. A ship wreck, me on it and hundreds of kids, Margo and Art were there too. I was jumping off the ship onto the shore trying to save them. Perhaps it is because I was thinking of Margo and hoping she will not take to smoking as I have seen her try it once or twice. I am asking her not to in my letter home.

Wednesday January 6th 1943

We have just travelled fifty miles in 24 hours. At one time the whole convoy turned around and we were in the front then but now we are back to our own position. There must be something wrong but what it is I do not know. Today we did 11 miles in three hours. At this rate it will be another 14 days before we get there. Nothing else to report today except for the usual routine. Mai can you revert back to the Mai of Hillingdon and Newport, for you know Mai, even though it is all my fault, I can expect nothing else, you are different, please Mai try, for me, for us and Margo.

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