Saturday 6th March 1943

Drop of finest undiluted rum tonight, the pure white spirit. Oh! Boy! What a kick.

In bed now. "Ain't I glad too". I am tired and cold, never seen such variable weather.  We passed Greenland this morning. It was hereabouts we were attacked last trip.

 An aircraft (Yanky) joined us this morning in the middle of thick snow. She just loomed up in the middle of us, she must have been expected. Tomorrow I go into my Oerlikon gun. Good night and God Bless all, I'm going to sleep. Brrrrrr it's cold, another freeze up I suppose. More carrying water. Dammit.

Tuesday 29th December 1942

Well, the Cook and I have just finished, 9.30 p.m. We were baking till 8.15p.m. then work in the frig. till now. And here I am, in my cabin, no wash, no nothing, too darned tired. We are in calm seas now, thank the Lord, as I shall sleep well tonight. The bum does not ache now but has burned terribly all day. I went to bed this afternoon till 3 o clock. I have a nice cabin now, roomy and the wireless next door in the sailors mess room. This is the best placed cabin in the ship, everyone is envious and I can understand them.

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