Saturday 27th February 1943

Jove, I shall be glad to get away from this ship for awhile. I'm absolutely "browned off". The customs, sentiments and the selfishness of the Merchant Seamen annoys me and gets me down. I'm far too conscientious, for this life, yet stick it I must. Yes, I think I hate these people. There is far too much detail attached to it or to possibly say why.  When I had finished in the Galley I went to clean the big chamber out ready for the new. Then there was a break and the new stores came. It was not so cold as on the previous occasion in New York but plenty cold enough on deck.

Sunday January 3rd 1943

Well, here I am in bed again and glad to get here for the night. I had a horrible fear this morning , I wanted to go to the lav but new if I did, it would pain me, and believe me it did, and so it has been all day.

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