Monday February 8th 1943

Well Mai, another day gone. One of the firemen brought a puppy on board last night and we fed it in the galley this morning. A nice thing but a bitch. It was a stray at the club. I saw it there but took no notice thinking it belonged to someone there.

Friday 5th February 1943

Well I have got the decision. It is an ulcer, or more. My word he did give me pain. I swore to him and a dozen times he said he was sorry and told me to go back to the ship now and use my bowels which I did but oh boy I hurt and still does ache very much, but I feel very much easier in my mind. I've got medicine. I won 10 dollars and was so pleased about it. In a pub actually, it was, a kind of lottery or draw. I won it on my second go I could not believe myself.

Thursday 4th February 1943

Well it is nearly a week since I wrote anything in here. I do not know why but I have right-off writing, although I sent a telegram Monday night, to let you know I sent it to Co Cup' this time. But no reply has come yet, I enquired today. When I was ashore seeing the Doctor it was not until yesterday that I could pay him my first visit. Then I waited 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room for him. It was not his day but had arranged to see me. He did not arrive but those two hours were very pleasantly spent with his secretary, a most charming person, who's husband is in the services.

Sunday 17th January 1943

Well we have not gone yet. Our sailing orders were cancelled this morning but we do not know yet what is happening. They both came back early this morning. The Steward had a tube of stuff for my use but I have not used it yet. Later in the morning the Cook and he sneaked ashore to buy bread and saved us making it. They got sixty loaves and two quarts of beer.  Hurrah! The Coast Guard stopped them too late on the return but the man who let them go got into trouble. On each ship there are two coast guards to prevent anyone going ashore.

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