Tuesday January 5th 1943

It is now 10 o'clock. I have finished in the galley till 3 o clock. Good morning but now it has turned out very rough and windy. The seas are so high we cannot see any of the other ships. We gave a Destroyer (Yankee) some gas this morning but the pipe line broke. Now our ship is covered in oil as the seas tossed the broken pipe all over the show. The Cook was satin the galley eating some fruit and custard when suddenly a sea hit us. Quite unwillingly up he jumped, plate in hand and he run to the other end of the galley.

Sunday January 3rd 1943

Well, here I am in bed again and glad to get here for the night. I had a horrible fear this morning , I wanted to go to the lav but new if I did, it would pain me, and believe me it did, and so it has been all day.

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