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Tuesday January 26th 1943

There is not much news today. Bacon, sausage and bread-- Turkey for dinner, cold, cold lunch. For Tea- Pork and ham, Fish cakes, Jelly, apples, cheesetrifle chips. How's that.

No one seems to know who our Editor is but here is today's news :

The Captain who is an Authority on " Hot Spots"

Was heard to remark,

that he was  having all members of the crew

as guests at a well known club in Galveston.

Monday January 25th 1943

Today's news:


"The mate took so many bearings the other night that one of them was a seagull. There is a slight argument as to whether the cook is a dinner or tea cook. A WAG suggested a galley survey to find out the truth. They say the Chief Steward is jealous of the attention the cook is getting and is talking about cutting down the stores.

Tonight's news:

Owing to finance getting low, it is suggested for funds to buy more chalk. More news to come.

Sunday 24th January 1943

Well I had a good night last night. I had two sandwiches and tea, fiddled about,

made myself a new white hat and here we are. Already the chaps are going around semi nude. No work Sundays except for the galley. The gunners have got their guns to pieces. Others are doing their dobying. Myself, I have snatched a few minutes to write this bit. It is just 10 o clock here. That means 3.30 in England.  We are just cooking our dinner. You have had yours but not the same as us, I bet, Roast Duck eh!

Here is this morning's news-


Friday 22nd January 1943

I have a terrible feeling of dejection again. Thinking always thinking of Kidderminster. I wonder what is going on there. Have you had any snow, coal, fires, have you got any? There is always something running through my mind. There is a photograph hanging up here, it belongs to my mate otherwise I would take it down. Every time I look at it ,it reminds me of someone. Whenever I feel like this my brain becomes a running commentary of my past twelve months. Maybe today all our nerves are on edge owing to the fact that at 2 a.m.

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