Monday January 4th 1943

Good Morning. Bacon omelette and Bubble and Squeak. We gassed two Corvettes this morning in choppy seas. Not bad going, one we supplied with bread as they cannot cook in those things. In any case they only carry a third rate cook, who probably couldn't make bread. No lav yet today so I have no pains. Dreading time when I have to go. I had bubble and squeak only for breakfast and rice pudding for dinner. All soft foods for me as I am going to the Seamans Hospital in New York if I get a chance. I f they want to operate I shall say yes.

Saturday January 2nd 1943

Nothing, Corvette tried again, same amount of success, too heavy seas. She must be running low now. Still cold and rougher, we are going south now. Subs obviously gone, thank goodness. I HOPE. Goodnight all, haven't been to lav today, so no trouble with b---- except one occasional twinge.

Friday January 1st 1943

Nice day, calm  but heavy swell and cold. I feel fine in the morning till dinner time. when I went to the lav. Then the pain took me again, terribly so. In agony, could not ease it standing. laying or sitting. Glad it did not come on before dinner, for a lovely New Year meal was served from the galley. Twice I went to bed , got up again back to work, could not let my mate do it all . Eventually, after tea was served , I had to go. I just left the galley saying nothing and went to bed but not to ease. I was holding myself  when the steward came in and saw me. He said I am to see a Doc.

Wednesday 30th December 1942

Well, I went to bed in a calm quiet sea but soon after, up it came. Tossing the ship about like so much cork. Once we were hit by a wave so hard that the whole ship quivered, upsetting all and sundry. Our two armchairs flung themselves at my bunk (bed) frightening me stiff. The boy jumped out of his bunk shouting "We've been bumped Chef, get up quick" and he really thought that we had been torpedoed. It was a nightmare of a night, and so the bad weather continues again. It is very trying to one's stamina, strong and weak alike." I am weak".

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