Thursday 4th March 1943

My error, the fog did not entirely life and so it went on all night that terrible hooter. About 15 blasts each time in code at regular intervals. No wonder I had no sleep last night and no matter which way I lay the rolling ship would twist me back again, then back and soon, no, I had no sleep at all. In fact was awake smoking when the gunner on watch came in to call me.

Wednesday 3rd March 1943

We are still going very slowly along. It is 11.30 night. I have just packed up something stitching for May, I hope she will like it for I have been doing it on and off ever since we left.

Monday 1st March 1943

Well and truly I think it will be the end of March before we get home. We have yet to call at Halifax to join another convoy. My word we will be large. If things happen as they did last night we shall lose time all the way. it is now 2 o clock we are reforming ourselves. For last night at 10 o clock the 3rd Mate got out of bearing and lost himself. This morning there was only one other ship and us. We were lost to the remainder.  Toward noon we found them sailing merrily along. It has all wasted precious hours. It is very much calmer now but very windy.

Tuesday February 16th 1943

I've got five minutes. That start last night was the start. We are now in the blue sea. There are only three of us. One English, one Yanky and one Norwegian. We have four escorts, so we should be safe enough for a while. We will probably pick up a bigger convoy later on our way to New York or Halifax. Then home.

My God, what a relief to be able to go places with no pain. Except just a little after effects, that doctor certainly did me good. I wish he could have had time to give me complete treatment. I am so pleased about myself.

Tuesday 19th January 1943

12.30. We have just finished serving dinner. Turkey again with chicken, lucky buggers eh! Why even now they are each looking at the clock working out "how long before tea time". No officials have been aboard yet, customs, immigration or anyone else. But that may be because there is another large convoy came in. My word this place is full of ships, they have a job to watch anyone. 

I am just having a break before going aloft to shift 30 bags of Yanky spuds. I suppose by now you have had my telegrams and know by now that I am ok and safe.

Wednesday January 6th 1943

We have just travelled fifty miles in 24 hours. At one time the whole convoy turned around and we were in the front then but now we are back to our own position. There must be something wrong but what it is I do not know. Today we did 11 miles in three hours. At this rate it will be another 14 days before we get there. Nothing else to report today except for the usual routine. Mai can you revert back to the Mai of Hillingdon and Newport, for you know Mai, even though it is all my fault, I can expect nothing else, you are different, please Mai try, for me, for us and Margo.

Sunday 27th December 1942

Ship still rolling. In really bad weather now, wonder what it feels like to be still, on Terra Firma, not straining to balance oneself..

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