Wednesday 24th February 1943

Slept better last night, not so hot, we are coming into the cold weather now. The change is very sudden. The deck was all wet with rain this morning and the sea noticeably rougher.

Chippy beat me twice last night but I beat him at battleships. Went to bed about 11 o'clock. My thumb is worse Stewart going to dress it tonight.

Wednesday 20th January 1943

Well, up this morning , Brrrr it was so cold. We were up before the ship sailed and everything, all Frost and sea water , was freezing up. We had to go down 50 feet into the engine room for every bucket of water. And so it has been all day. I am fed up with it but we have left N. Y. and are now well on our way. Aircraft is accompanying us . We are going all out for the Skipper is taking a chance going on his own like this. We have seen a few other ships. As we go south it will get noticeably warmer and when we hit the Stream it will be quite nice. That will be in a couple of days time.

Saturday January 9th 1943

It is about time we saw a plane or planes from USA. We have speeded up to 6 knots, getting along better now. Had boat drill at 4.00. I very near got perished with this Antarctic cold. Got remainder of my equipment thanks to Bosun. Had shave and good wash. Steward, Cook and I going out at New York to see if we can get some buck skin clothes.Early to bed tonight with tea in cabin. Just Cook, Assistant Steward and I. 

Friday January 8th 1943

Well, we are still going very slow, 4 and even 3 knots. It is the order of the Commodore's ship there is apparently something ahead somewhere. It is still bitter cold and I've just got a hell of a job to make the oil flow in the morning therefore it is over an hour sometimes before I can start cooking. There is no news today except that I have been fairly free of pain lately, thank goodness. But at my cost another way. I am not going places as I want to and always have done.

Saturday January 2nd 1943

Nothing, Corvette tried again, same amount of success, too heavy seas. She must be running low now. Still cold and rougher, we are going south now. Subs obviously gone, thank goodness. I HOPE. Goodnight all, haven't been to lav today, so no trouble with b---- except one occasional twinge.

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