Friday 5th March 1943

Yes thank you, I must have been very tired for I slept pretty well. And when I got up this morning I had to dash straight to the lav, bad luck, I'll tell you why. It hurt and started my pain again, also, I dropped a lot of buttons out of my overall pockets. I did not bother to look for or pick them up. I wish I had done so now for I find I dropped my lighter as well. Now it is lost, stolen or strayed. I have put a lost notice on board hoping it might come back. Who knows.

There is some lovely music on the wireless, it is grand to listen to.

Friday 5th February 1943

Well I have got the decision. It is an ulcer, or more. My word he did give me pain. I swore to him and a dozen times he said he was sorry and told me to go back to the ship now and use my bowels which I did but oh boy I hurt and still does ache very much, but I feel very much easier in my mind. I've got medicine. I won 10 dollars and was so pleased about it. In a pub actually, it was, a kind of lottery or draw. I won it on my second go I could not believe myself.

Thursday 4th February 1943

Well it is nearly a week since I wrote anything in here. I do not know why but I have right-off writing, although I sent a telegram Monday night, to let you know I sent it to Co Cup' this time. But no reply has come yet, I enquired today. When I was ashore seeing the Doctor it was not until yesterday that I could pay him my first visit. Then I waited 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room for him. It was not his day but had arranged to see me. He did not arrive but those two hours were very pleasantly spent with his secretary, a most charming person, who's husband is in the services.

Thursday January 28th 1943

Well, no news today. Up this morning, you know, then work, plenty of it.

What do you think they had for tea today? Kippers, steak and kidney pie, mashed spuds, cakes, grapefruit, (fresh) lettuce, beetroot, tomato and the Officers had pineapples as well. The brave Silent Service, dodges of the army I call them.

Tuesday January 26th 1943

There is not much news today. Bacon, sausage and bread-- Turkey for dinner, cold, cold lunch. For Tea- Pork and ham, Fish cakes, Jelly, apples, cheesetrifle chips. How's that.

No one seems to know who our Editor is but here is today's news :

The Captain who is an Authority on " Hot Spots"

Was heard to remark,

that he was  having all members of the crew

as guests at a well known club in Galveston.

Tuesday January 12th 1943

I had to go to the lav as soon as I got up this morning. Same as I always used to and ever since I have had my pain return. I am lying in bed now at 2.30 and have just woke up from a dream. A ship wreck, me on it and hundreds of kids, Margo and Art were there too. I was jumping off the ship onto the shore trying to save them. Perhaps it is because I was thinking of Margo and hoping she will not take to smoking as I have seen her try it once or twice. I am asking her not to in my letter home.

Tuesday January 5th 1943

It is now 10 o'clock. I have finished in the galley till 3 o clock. Good morning but now it has turned out very rough and windy. The seas are so high we cannot see any of the other ships. We gave a Destroyer (Yankee) some gas this morning but the pipe line broke. Now our ship is covered in oil as the seas tossed the broken pipe all over the show. The Cook was satin the galley eating some fruit and custard when suddenly a sea hit us. Quite unwillingly up he jumped, plate in hand and he run to the other end of the galley.

Sunday January 3rd 1943

Well, here I am in bed again and glad to get here for the night. I had a horrible fear this morning , I wanted to go to the lav but new if I did, it would pain me, and believe me it did, and so it has been all day.

Saturday January 2nd 1943

Nothing, Corvette tried again, same amount of success, too heavy seas. She must be running low now. Still cold and rougher, we are going south now. Subs obviously gone, thank goodness. I HOPE. Goodnight all, haven't been to lav today, so no trouble with b---- except one occasional twinge.

Friday January 1st 1943

Nice day, calm  but heavy swell and cold. I feel fine in the morning till dinner time. when I went to the lav. Then the pain took me again, terribly so. In agony, could not ease it standing. laying or sitting. Glad it did not come on before dinner, for a lovely New Year meal was served from the galley. Twice I went to bed , got up again back to work, could not let my mate do it all . Eventually, after tea was served , I had to go. I just left the galley saying nothing and went to bed but not to ease. I was holding myself  when the steward came in and saw me. He said I am to see a Doc.


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