boat drill

Saturday January 23rd 1943

No sign of our friends the Jerries today but as soon as it was light enough, there were warplanes to greet us. Those chaps fly so low as to wave to us. Last trip (I may have mentioned it in my other diary) there was a seagull with only one leg. I am sure it is the same one we have seen today in approximately the same place. Others are just as convinced as I am.

The pump man has given me a nice piece of calico to make myself an apron with.

Saturday January 9th 1943

It is about time we saw a plane or planes from USA. We have speeded up to 6 knots, getting along better now. Had boat drill at 4.00. I very near got perished with this Antarctic cold. Got remainder of my equipment thanks to Bosun. Had shave and good wash. Steward, Cook and I going out at New York to see if we can get some buck skin clothes.Early to bed tonight with tea in cabin. Just Cook, Assistant Steward and I. 

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