Wednesday 24th February 1943

Slept better last night, not so hot, we are coming into the cold weather now. The change is very sudden. The deck was all wet with rain this morning and the sea noticeably rougher.

Chippy beat me twice last night but I beat him at battleships. Went to bed about 11 o'clock. My thumb is worse Stewart going to dress it tonight.

Thursday January 14th 1943

I learned today that our ship is in such a dangerous condition that we may be kept in New York as we are too bad to go further. So goodness knows what is going to happen to us. I have been free today again from my pain, thank goodness. I can work much better and with more heart. There is nothing else to tell except that we are still going merrily along and that this evening I introduced "Battleships". The last time I played it here was when that other ship was fired. Good night all. I have just written to Margo.

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