Sunday 14th March 1943

I have not felt at all inclined to write, could not bring myself to do it, it is now 11am, we are at last back to British time. This afternoon we saw our first land, the hills of Northern Ireland, welcome. Be in Belfast Monday morning about 6.00am. Two days after the big do, we had 6 more escorts joining us, far too late, and today we saw our first British plane, a Sunderland.

Goodnight all, I am very tired, and bleary eyed.

Sunday 7th March 1943

10.30 . tired and dizzy.  Yes, I've had dizzy feelings all day. Perhaps that is because I had a whole chicken for my dinner and two pork chops for my tea.

Some planes left our carrier this morning and came back a few hours later. We heard they had located a sub. which accounts for our changing course so much today.

We are rolling heavily now. I'm almost afraid to go to  bed because it is awful lying here and not able to sleep.

I've played cards 'crib' with Chippy again tonight and beat him three out of four.

Saturday 6th March 1943

Drop of finest undiluted rum tonight, the pure white spirit. Oh! Boy! What a kick.

In bed now. "Ain't I glad too". I am tired and cold, never seen such variable weather.  We passed Greenland this morning. It was hereabouts we were attacked last trip.

 An aircraft (Yanky) joined us this morning in the middle of thick snow. She just loomed up in the middle of us, she must have been expected. Tomorrow I go into my Oerlikon gun. Good night and God Bless all, I'm going to sleep. Brrrrrr it's cold, another freeze up I suppose. More carrying water. Dammit.

Tuesday February 16th 1943

I've got five minutes. That start last night was the start. We are now in the blue sea. There are only three of us. One English, one Yanky and one Norwegian. We have four escorts, so we should be safe enough for a while. We will probably pick up a bigger convoy later on our way to New York or Halifax. Then home.

My God, what a relief to be able to go places with no pain. Except just a little after effects, that doctor certainly did me good. I wish he could have had time to give me complete treatment. I am so pleased about myself.

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