AA guns

Sunday 21st February 1943

We are still going eight knots, have passed Key West and to avoid subs. are well out to sea instead of following the coast as subs are there. New York is our next stop. It was at Key West we joined up with those other ships. It is hotter today than at any time I have known. I am very nearly nude. Turkey for dinner today, I carved up three large ones for 47 men, not bad!

Here is today's news:-

Thursday 4th February 1943

Well it is nearly a week since I wrote anything in here. I do not know why but I have right-off writing, although I sent a telegram Monday night, to let you know I sent it to Co Cup' this time. But no reply has come yet, I enquired today. When I was ashore seeing the Doctor it was not until yesterday that I could pay him my first visit. Then I waited 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room for him. It was not his day but had arranged to see me. He did not arrive but those two hours were very pleasantly spent with his secretary, a most charming person, who's husband is in the services.

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